Understanding The Menu

Every traffic exchange that you join will have a navigation menu. Some will be horizontal along the top of the page while others will be on the side. Every menu will have all the basic information you will need to use the site. Many owners also create additional subjects to add to the menu. Below you will see the navigation menu from Hummingbird Hits. I’m going to give you the basics for each item on the menu.

Home: This brings you to your member page.hummingbird-hitsmenu

Surf: This will allow  you to view other members ads.

Enter Surf Code: This will take you to the page to enter a code given to you my the owner.

Surfer Rewards: Here you can claim a reward for surfing a certain amount of pages. You can also claim rewards for completing promos with other traffic exchanges.

Sites: This is the place to add your ads URLs.

Rotators: You will be able to add several different  site URLs and put them all into one rotator.

Banners: This is where you add the URLs for the sites and images you are promoting.

Text Ads: This is for adding your own text and URLs of the sites you’re promoting.

Auto Assign: This is the place to set the % of credits you want to be assigned to each site you have added.

Buy Credit: If you do not want to surf to receive credits but still want to advertise, you can purchase credits to add to your advertisement.

Affiliate Toolbox: Here you will find pre-made splash pages, banners, and text to use to promote the site itself.

Commissions: Here you will see a breakdown of all money earned.

Referrals: Each time someone joins from your link they will show up on this page.

My Trophies: This is an extra game that HBH offers. Not all traffic exchanges have this.

Profile: This is the page with all your personal info.

Downloads: This is a place for owners to add any free downloads that will benefit the members.

Downline Builder: You can add your ID to the programs in the downline builder to help you get more referrals to those programs.

Upgrade: This is the place to go if you wish to purchase a membership.

Support Desk: If you ever have a question or need help you can submit a ticket to the owner.

The rest of the items down to Top Promoter have been added by me and you probably will not see them on other traffic exchanges.

Top Promoter: Some traffic exchanges offer rewards for your effort to promote the site. You can see the results from this tab.

Logout: It’s always good to log out of a site when you are done using it, especially if you are using a public computer.




Herbie Says: “Those Promo Codes you see at the bottom of that menu are our special treat to upgraded members. They receive a new code every day to help them earn a little more”




I hope you got the basic from this post, if you have any questions please leave a comment or you can contact me by sending an email to support@thetrafficexchangeexplained.com

To your success,





  1. I wonder if there will be a way to gamify the entire traffic exchange experience? For example, participants get a certain benefit for every stage they go through and I wonder if this could be tied to a cryptocurrency. Maybe people can generate awards and cryptocurrency coins and then those coins can be exchanged on the open market for a real dollar value. Similar to ‘Steemit’ which is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. People get paid in ‘Steem’, which is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on exchanges for dollars. That specific concept currently has a market cap of over half-a-billion dollars.

    1. Hi James,
      This sounds like an interesting idea being cryptocurrency has become very popular. However, it would need to be added to the traffic exchange script. Maybe someone could do that someday. Thank you for visiting my site.

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