Top Surfer the Traffic Exchange Review – Is it worth Joining?

Top Surfer
Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: Free to join $10 a month upgrade
Owner: Stan Thompson

What is Top Surfer?

Top Surfer is a traffic exchange that is very different than the average TE.  You can earn advertising credits and cash in several different ways.  Top Surfer is one of the few traffic exchanges that make their members stay focused on each ad they view.  This is a great way to get quality traffic to whatever it is you are promoting. TS has Solo-Ads,  a Banner Exchange, Link Impressions and a News Letter. All great ways for you to advertise.  They even help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, Top Surfer is worth joining!



Who Is This For?

This is for anyone looking to get some quality traffic to their website. Whether you are the owner of a website or are promoting as an affiliate Top Surfer will help you get you ads seen.



Pros And Cons


  • Free to join
  • Quality advertising
  • Earn and get paid as a free member
  • Members focus on the ads
  • Has been online for over 10 years
  • Wholesale membership is a great value



  • Solo ads are costly
  • The SEO Package is costly




Top Surfer offers you several ways to advertise your website or whatever it is you are promoting. Once you join you will receive 100 credits to use on your ads.  You can earn more advertising credits by viewing other members ads, by referring others, reading the newsletter and by purchasing credits at a reasonable price.

So what makes this so different from the rest?  Top Surfer offers you more than any other TE that I have seen. While members are viewing ads they must stay focused on the ad to receive the credits and cash for viewing it.  If they try to leave the ad before the countdown is finished a big yellow sign will pop up asking you to stay on the ad.  This is a great way to receive quality views to your promotions as people will be looking at them longer, the longer you look at an ad the more you will read, the more you read the more interested you will become. The results will lead to a higher conversion rate.

The surf bar when you have completed viewing the ad.

The surf bar if you did not remain on the ad.


You will be able to send out Solo-Ads to all active members with your own title, information, and link.  These ads are emailed to the registered email address, all members who view the Solo-Ad will receive 5 credits and .003 USD.  You can purchase a single Solo-Ad for $28.00 or buy in bulk to receive better rates and free Solo-Ads.

Solo-Ad bar after viewing.


TS also offers Text Ad and Banner advertising.  Members will see these ads while surfing, viewing Solo-Ads and reading the Newsletter.

Active members are also rewarded by rankings.  Once you reach the Commander rank you will be able to share information with other members.

Ways to Earn Money

There are three ways to earn money, first is to surf the Hit Exchange and earn .0006 for each site you view.  Second is to read the Solo-Ads that get delivered to your email, you will earn .003 for each one.  Lastly is to become a Wholesale member, this is by far the best part of Top Surfer.  For only $10.00 a month you get a ton of benefits.

  • 500 Hit Credits
  • 10 ads to send out in the newsletter
  • 100% of your referrals upgrade
  • Earn money when your referrals surf
  • Free WordPress website and hosting
  • 75 website templets
  • SEO Checkbox
  • Bribe page
  • Get your links added to almost every Top Surfer page
  • Facebook Coupon App
  • Google Plus Authority e-Book
  • Traffic Full Blast e-Book
  • Instant Affiliate Income
  • Internet Marketing Survival Guide
  • 4 More Website Scripts, 8 Great Software Programs & 5 Great E-Books
  • Save Money On Other Purchases at TopSurfer -Including $13 off each solo-ad you buy

And to make this deal even better you can earn an extension on your membership by getting at least 2000 hits or more to your TS referral page.  They will extend it up to 30 more days, or until one of your referrals upgrades under you.  Wow, what a deal!



The support is very good.  You can chat online with a real representative and you will get the help you need immediately, you can also visit their Facebook page to send any questions or problem you may have.



You can join Top Surfer for free and stay a free member for as long as you like or you can become a Wholesale member for just $10.00 a month and receive many benefits as listed above. The payment processors are Payza, Bitcoin, Money Order or Credit Card.


My Final Opinion

I have been a member of Top Surfer for over 5 years now and have never been disappointed in the services or quality of the traffic that I receive. As with all traffic exchanges, I do recommend using a Splash page/Squeeze page to promote your site.  I think this is a must join traffic exchange if you are trying to promote a product, service or any kind of website.  Make sure to read the Terms of Service as there are some types of ads that are not allowed.

Top Surfer is 100% Legit and does pay, I have been paid many times. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!


I hope you found this review to be helpful in your marketing decisions.  If you have any questions or have had any experience with TS please leave a comment.

To your success,



  1. Hi Cathy,

    My Main concern with traffic exchange site such as Top Surfer and the many others is lack of quality of the traffic and lack of targeting. With people being paid to click these ads kind of kills a marketers conversion rate. In saying that with Top Surfer come the very interesting solos and newsletter which may very well convert at a decent rate into sales! nice!

    What sort of businesses or niches are best suited for advertising with TS?

    1. Hi Derek,

      I understand your concern, that is why I made this site. I am hopping to help others know how and what to promote in traffic exchanges. I wrote a blog to help you with this please click here to read it. Thank you for visiting my site.

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