How To Surf Websites – Using a Traffic Exchange

Before you can surf in most traffic exchanges you will need to have at least one site added to the rotation and set your credit distribution in Auto Assign.  Once you have those all set up you can begin to surf.  Now let’s move on and learn how to surf websites using a traffic exchange.

Click on Surf in the menu, this will start your surfing session.  Below you will see a typical Surf Bar, each site has its own unique icons and almost all of them use matching the image as a way to surf.

A tipacle surf bar

Starting from the left I will explain everything you see on the Surf Bar.

  • The image of the person who is promoting the page you are viewing now.
  • The number of credits you receive for each page surfed.
  • The circle is the timer, you can click the matching image when the timer stops and you see the word Go.
  • The images are called Surf Icons, you click the matching image to proceed to the next site to view.
  • If you click Home it will take you to your account page.
  • If you click Open Site the site you are viewing will open in a new tab. This is helpful if you are interested in the site and want to bookmark or read more about it without stopping your surf session.
  • Report Site is used if you come across a site that is inappropriate or against the sites rules. By reporting those site it will help the owner stop unwanted sites from being added.
  • Surf Settings, you can choose how you want the sites to load by choosing yes or no to Preload Sites. Preloading will load the next site in the rotation while the timer is counting down, and provide a faster surfing experience. However, you may hear audio and video start playing from the next site when this option is enabled.
  • Banner Ad, this is how other see the banners you have added. They change with each site viewed.
  • The words under the banner are Text Ads, the also change with each site viewed.


herbieHerbie says: “please note that other sites may look a bit different and have more items added to the Surf Bar”.




Things To Look For While you Surf Websites

Many sites offer extra things to participate in while you are surfing. Some will show up on a page and some will show up on the Surf Bar. Below you will see some symbols to look for.

The Viral Traffic Game symbol.







When you see those symbols you can click on them to participate in the game or collect what they are offering. They will open in a new window and will not stop your surfing session.  For info on playing the Viral Traffic Game please Click Here!


I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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