How To Make Your Ads More Effective

There is more to getting results from your ad than just adding any old link and expecting to have someone join from it.  First, let’s talk about what it is you are promoting and who you are promoting to. Traffic exchanges are loaded with marketers trying to get visitors to their sites.  Knowing this you could do very well by promoting things that will help their cause.  People surfing TES seldom stop surfing to make a purchase or join a program.  They will bookmark sites and come back to them later.  This is why it is so important to use a Splash Page.  Most every program you join will offer an affiliate link, splash and a few banners to help you get started.  But advertising in traffic exchanges is different, take into consideration that most of the people using a TE are surfing more than just one site at a time and each ad has a view time of 8-10 seconds on average.  Knowing this you need to have an ad that stands out and makes people want to stop surfing to read more and bookmark your ad.  You want your ad to have only a few words and an eye-catching image on it.

This is why Splash Pages get the best conversion rate within traffic exchanges and most TES will have splash pages for you to use.  So are you asking yourself “what in the world is a splash page?” I’m going to help you understand, a splash page is a web page that uses the key points of the program you want someone to join, buy, or download from. A splash page is used as a welcome screen to the main website that gets visitors excited for the website before actually visiting the main site.

If you had 8 seconds to look at the pages below, what one do you think gets more click-throughs?






















Almost every traffic exchange will offer Splash pages for you to use. If you want to promote a program that does not offer splash pages for you to use, then you may want to create one. The internet is full of programs that allow you to create your own splash page. One of my favorites is AdKeator. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to know HTLM coding. You can create a splash page to help you promote anything. Actually, you will get better results if your ad is different and stands out from all the rest. By Adding a picture of yourself to every splash page you create will build branding. This is a key part of using traffic exchanges, people tend to remember faces and will begin to gain trust in someone promoting quality programs.



You can also create your own personal banner ads with Ad Kreator. Over the years it has been found that surfers of traffic exchanges get a condition referred to as “Banner Blindness”. Knowing this you want to make your banners stand out. People tend to avoid annoying banners, so try to avoid adding the following when creating your banner:

  • Busy with too many words or images.
  • Flashing, blinking or winking.
  • Pulsing, strobing or wiggling.
  • Too distracting.




Herbie Says: “Add a personal image of yourself to all splash pages and banners you create, it will make people remember who you are”






I’m here to help you if you have any questions please leave them below or you can contact me by sending an email to

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  1. Hi Cathy this is a wonderful post and very informative. It’s great to see you writing about Adkreator! Thank you. I think it’s a great way to get people in the TE’s to get to know, trust and like you.

    1. Thanks for visiting this site, glad you enjoyed it. My goal here is to help people learn how to use traffic exchanges properly and Adkeator is a wonderful tool to help them achieve this.

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