How To Keep Your Website Safe: Using Traffic Exchanges

If you are worried about search engine rankings then you need to read this page before you advertise in traffic exchanges, safe lists, mailers, or any other kind of program that delivers massive amounts of repeated traffic. I am going to show you how to keep your website safe using traffic exchanges.


Understanding how it works

People who are looking to get better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their sites/blogs may tend prevent-penaltyto stay away from traffic exchanges only because they don’t understand how to properly use them.  The TE deliver repeat traffic and this will result to bounced hits to your site which will lower your ranking.  So why use them?   I know that’s what you’re thinking,  so let me explain.  These sites are full of people looking for ways to earn online.  You have an audience of millions willing to see what you have to offer.  Let me show you how to take advantage of this without hurting your site’s rankings.

My #1 rule is to never use the direct link to your site/blog in these kinds of programs.  You need to get creative here and make your own personal Splash Page that will entice others to visit your site/blog.  Actually, I find it fun and enjoyable to create my own splash pages, they are original, one-of-a-kind and will stand out from other repeated pages.  Not to mention that you can also add your personal photo to every splash page or banner ad that you create which will help in building people’s trust in you, this is known as branding yourself.



How to find a Splash Page Builder

You can Google Splash Page Builders and will find many sites that offer you a way to make your own splash page.  From years of trial and error, I finally found AdKreator and have been a member for several years now.  It is so easy to use, you do not need to be skilled in designing or HTLM to create beautiful advertisements.  Plus all your creations will be hosted on AdKreater itself.



Once you have created your splash page you will need to link it to your website/blog by inserting your sites/blogs link into the splash page.  Now it is ready to use in traffic exchanges, safe lists, mailers etc. etc.

From now on people will have to click on your splash page to get to your site/blog.  The results will be more targeted traffic.sunshine-coast-seo-300x224  This will help to improve your rankings by having people actually stay on your site for longer periods of time.





herbieHerbie says, “By not using these kinds of programs to promote your site/blog you are missing out on millions of people who will see what you have to offer.”



I hope this helped to clear things up for you.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


To your success,



  1. Oh my gosh, this article is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense!

    I recently tried a traffic exchange for the first time and I did have a direct link to my website and while I did get a lot of hits to my site, like you said, my bounce rate just skyrocketed! My page session duration also plummeted so I stopped using it thinking that maybe free traffic exchanges are pointless.

    Now that I’ve read this article, I now see how that can actually be used to one’s advantage without hurting the stats of their site.

    I do have a question though, you talk about splash pages and I really like the idea behind them, but are they similar to landing pages? I’ve got an email auto-responder program that has tons of landing page templates to use, but is splash pages, like the ones you talked about a much better idea to go with or are they just one and the same?

    1. Hi Brian, I am so happy you found this information to be helpful. Yes you can use landing pages as long as it links to your main website and you have a way to host them. Thank you for visiting my site and I wish you much success.

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