What is the Difference between a Landing Page a Squeeze Page and a Splash Page

Landing Pages, Squees Pages, and Splash Pages OH MY!  What is the difference?  This is a question that I hear often and decided to help you understand the difference in all advertising designs.  When choosing what kind of advertising page you want to create it is best to know the difference and the purpose for each one.  You will also want to take into consideration the places you will be placing these ads. It is always best to know your audience and create advertisements to fit their needs.  So let us start with what is the difference between a Landing Page and a Splash Page.


The Difference

The Landing Page is also known as a Squeeze Page and Lead Capture Page.  They are all basicallyEvery page is a landing page. the same thing.  Actually, every page you land on is a Landing Page.  The Squeeze Page got its name because it is trying to squeeze information out of the person who is visiting it.  Like an email address, a tweet or follow before you can go any further to access the information you are looking for.  The Lead Capture Page got its name simply because it is an ad that is trying to get leads by having the visitor enter an email address.  If you want to create an ad page using videos, animations, and/or autoresponder codes then you need to create a Landing/Squeeze Page.

A Splash Page doesn’t have the capability of adding a video, autoresponder code or animation to it.  It is used for creating simple ads with just a few catchy words and an image to entice people to click on it.  Clicking on a Splash Page will take people to the main site that you are promoting.  A Landing /Squeeze Page can do this plus several other things.


Don’t Forget About Banners

The Banner Ad is also a very effective way to advertise your website and is often overlooked by advertisers. Banners are another way to entice people to visit your website. You can create a banner in several different shapes and sizes.  This will depend on where you will be using them.  Banner ads are a great way to increase your brand awareness.  Not everyone will be clicking on it but they will all be seeing it and will begin to remember your ad.


I found this cool chart on banner size and placement courtesy of  Bannersnack.com


How to Make Your Own Advertisements

Landing pages help get website visitersAll these ads have one thing in common and that is to get you to visit the main website associated with that ad.  If you are wanting to make your own advertisements I highly recommend joining Ad Kreator.  Watch the tutorial videos.  They will guide you through the process of creating beautiful, eye-catching advertisements.



You will learn:

  • How to Browse and Select Templates
  • How to Add an URL / Link to a Splash Page
  • Adding 3rd Party Auto Responder Code to Squeeze Pages
  • Adding Video to your Squeeze Pages
  • Overview of List Building Packages

Those are just a few of the videos you will have access to once you become a member.

As a special gift to all who read this article, you can now get your own copy of A Guide For Do It Yourself Advertising Design!

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I Hope this article helped to clear thing up for you on what the difference between a Landing Page and a Splash Page is.  If you have any questions please leave a comment.

To your advertising success,



  1. Thanks for this explanation. I’ve always had trouble with these terms: landing page, squeeze page etc. But now I’ve known for sure these are the exact same thing lol!

    I would like to know is this page very important for any affiliate marketer website? I still don’t have it right now and wondering is it worth the effort to do this. Hope you can help with my little question=)

    1. Hi Isaac,

      Glad to hear you got it figured out now lol! I’m not sure I understand what page you are referring to, if it’s a landing page than yes you should have them to advertise with.

  2. Hi Cathy:

    It is so nice to read information from someone who writes as authoritatively as you do. I kind of knew what a landing page was but the other information is new to me. We learn something every day don’t we? You are clearly an expert in your niche! I have actually bookmarked your site. I shall peruse it later on.


    1. Hi Howard, 

      I’m so happy you found the information to be helpful. It’s always good to learn how to use something before you actually use it. Thank you for stopping by my site! 🙂

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